Afternoon Arcadia

Afternoon Arcadia


General position of hands on the clock

Focusing to this perfect representation of grace & style

With a smile from Utopia

Capable of making life feel like everything is good!

Internally understood.

Wondering what ya mind is doing Cause I’m Rolling like a fiend

off ya fluid

Clean whispers of analogies arise encouraging expressions of infinity

Intervals of possibilities.

Sunken deeper

Take a seat beside me

Rolling like a fiend right off ya fluid, with

A glimpse of attitude that’s raw like sewage

Not even a whole minute has been had

Shit, I think we got it bad.

Confirmed passages of

Fighting for undivided attention


Handling a delicate situation

In the palm of my hands.

Wishful thinking

Imprinted on my mind.

Fine as wine.

Image Courtesy Of: Shaddai

© By Shaddai Randolph  2016

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