Daily Prompt: Fishing Circumstances

     In this case I am searching for better solutions to reoccurrences’ that should never even arise. As being’s many believe that we are capable of hand-picking our destiny.. on the contrary.. Circumstances tend to provide the outline. Perspective of upper-class versus lower-middle class families doesn’t even coincide.

    Growing up I guess we were considered between lower-middle class and working class. In reference to the class pyramid, we were nowhere near being rich but our parents did their absolute best to make sure we had everything a kid could ever need or want coming up in Richmond, Virginia. Elements definitely get tough as time passes (pyramid shifted), but you do what you gotta do to survive!  — Sadly enough that is the attitude which is developed over hardships some decide to stick it out — and others become piranha.

       The piranha’s cognitive is to go out and get it by any means. Providing for your family is the goal. Results for the “go out and get it” mentality aren’t always positive. With that said I take a look at one’s circumstances i.e existing conditions. If your community had efficient grocery stores which in return provided jobs, actual nutritional foods, Gas stations that doesn’t charge an arm and leg for fuel that only sells shit that exploit’s your community!  In addition to having rubble that use to be extravagant places of businesses that recycled money within the community making it idiotic for one to even have the thought of disrupting that cycle. In the next pond you have a school of fish that see’s the transition’s, wanting to make THE change. Eager to be the difference, but somehow gets knocked off the righteous path following into the ‘piranha’s’ trap.

     In this sea you have all types  of ‘fish’ swimming just trying to get through. For many the stream less traveled seems bleak and blue, contingent upon circumstance.

I Chose to be in the school of fish that wanted freshwater. I only wish others do too.


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Daily Prompt: My Follies of the year

Tought provoking words to spark a flare:

With the year 2016 coming to a close use of the word Folly being diverse in the sense becoming rather appropriate to use these days.

Hopefully embarking on a new year Heinous acts of violence whether geared towards minorities or not will cease! It is absurd not to treat everyone as equals. And even more foolish to believe that a race of people whom have been opressed for so long will not rage against the machine! I.e Standing Rock

Following up with good ole’ President-elect Trump. Let’s face it. He won. Historical election which displayed the division of “the greatest country on earth” . that last statement is a quote that I have herd too often and it had me question what country do folks live in?? It shows The lack of one’s understanding of anothers Reality. This can be turned around with dedication and practice!

2016’s music scene started off a bit rocky. This is coming from a true music conissuer, not to get me wrong I endulge in enjoying all genres but Audiences are wanting that good ole’ feeling you get when you hear ya favorite jam from back in the day. Some Artist are doing their dudiligence: shouts out to Big Sean, J. Cole, Childish Gambino to name a few.. I know i missed a few but thoes are my favorite right now. R&B i hadnt forgot about you but honestly Tyrese’s last studio album was one that gave me life so im indeed waiting for the R&B reboot!

Rolling into the theatrical field, Great films and televison regardless if its Web based or cable based the evolution has proven to make way this year, no disappoinments thus far so im definatly looking forward to next year!

Feeling Joyus?! Tis the season for..

Holiday activities that tend to have mystic affects on those living in the land of expenditure. Its not about the material items, just about quality time!  Also this is the time to admire whimsical lights and decorations which enhances Architecture while carolers put on theatrical classical show tunes. No way am I knocking how you treat ya holiday, I just grew up differently which forced me to look at things from another persective I think quality time with loved ones matter most.

Just a little something to get the Juices flowing!



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