Light Being Awakening

Light being      Confronting  hits to the Soul..

Succumbing momentarily to life’s beat down —- briskly emerged.

Amputating ALL parasites — continue PRO life.

Fear resides NO longer.

Be the POWER leader humanity needs

DEATH to Algol.

LIFE  dwells within Kanehbosm!




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Thoughts manifest into  things..

Regulate your Mind.

Plant seeds of Positivity – Prosperity – Gratitude

Adventure massive energy waves surrounding your being.

Provoking collective consciousness.

Take back control.





© Shaddai Randolph and 2017

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


9:09 am


Falling, Chemical trails, cloud’s most days..

And yet a rainbow was able to appear

Universal Power.


The Mode Of Survival is switched on everyday of my life!

Two weeks worth of work was only enough to cover

One statement of particular.

Can this be all that living Is?

Consistently listening for my ancestors for Guidance

Eye am holding on with everything in Me.

-“Keep holding On for Struggle will soon be obsolete.”

Releasing to the atmosphere..


Image Courtesy Of: Shaddai Randolph

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Sunny days and clear skies has been the trend for forecast as of late…

Instead of fully embracing the ‘rays… Today I cried.

Today I cried…

Today I cried…

Normally this reaction does not occur often

Exception accepted.

Maybe this Elixir of emotions clears my soul, ease’s the pain so hurt can go away..


Intermittently tears can express better than words… I know this now!

Elixir: A panacea; cure-all sovereign remedy


© Shaddai Randolph and 2017

The Basics Of Natural Healing

wellness image

Hitting you’ll with a mid-week momentum inspired by #WellnessWednesday

The featured documentary is a Gem within its own right. Outlining of effects and causes to everyday living, providing juicing tutorials, ways with getting the family evolved, Eating pointers for disease and/or conditions.

Also Touching subjects of Cancer Survival (Alternative options), Depression (Mindsets) – to Natural foods as medicine – Eating to live – Research – Simply taking control over your life!

Self preservation was the motivating factor for Darlene’s overall survival.

Here’s the phenomenal Journey thus far –


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*Documentary: The Basics Of Natural Healing All rights reserved ©


Love seems rather simpler in the beginning almost a no-brainer

So what happens throughout?

How does it change?

Why does it change?

It can Never really be complete, I feel.

Acknowledging the pieces in which you contribute to the cycle of a relationship…

Believing that what you wanted comes flooding vividly.

A stream of emotions, sacrifice, action, communication & love pours out… Trickling down…

While looking in the eyes of that ideal person – Mimic’s of a past creeps in between

Fighting to get back to the other side of that stream… Cleansing the spirit…

Intense efforts of a fresh start… standing in the same room

Yet feeling worlds apart…

Gazing at the distinct reflection before you

Can it be true…?

Incapability’s of a word so short = meaning so much

Damn.. where have I lost touch…?

Image Courtesy Of: Shaddai

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Matter or Mind


Matter takes control over my mind…

Wondering if I am on your brain even a little, as you walk through mines.

What’s the Matter?: Words become harder to express… Afraid to do or say the wrong things.

So I Write…

In hopes of finding the solutions among my pages – Evolution of stages;

I do not mind the change as long as it is Progressive..

No more Hesitation – Mind made up…

What Matters most is that we give it our absolute all…

If it should fall…

We tried… and that’s what mattered.

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