Entry# 53018



 A message was sent to me last night, from the Universe, through a dear friend.

Conformation eye needed to hear…

Truthfully, this year has shown to be the ultimate test…


Prior to resting…

Eye stood before the Universe, where the Moon met me.

One wouldn’t believe just how the size of the moon increased as affirmations poured from my lips…

Energy, flowed.. unexplainable….


Later, as eye lay down

My mind roams…


A call came..

this voice blares out – “Relax, relax.. quit over thinking.. Everything is already in order,  time is the factor…. it will occur”.


Puzzled, but tuned In…

Allowing this message to Marinate..


Just that quickly, the universe had let me know it felt & heard me.


a smile creeped about..

putting me at ease…


“Everything is coming together, even if you do not see it”.

All that could be done is reflection;

as human eye tend to be a bit impatient – like anyone else..

dope ass reminder to enjoy the ride.


Universe you got it..




© By Shaddai Randolph 2018
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.





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