Chapter Thirty, page One.

Waving farewell twenties – Welcoming Thirties;

Embracing aging gracefully

Excited to see what this new chapter has in store for me. Appreciating all the experiences gained prior too;

A sweet farewell adieu….

Shedding of some old skin, and basking in the new.

Twenties we had a blast, bitter sweetly its time for you to become a thing of my past – you were just a pilot – Now Eye’m stretching for this next feature…

With you; my passion became my career, showcasing fear only exists if you allow it. so I buried ’em

May have been squandered out on love, bringing forth tremendous lessons, few which may have taken the second time to catch on — But shit eye got it! lol

Twenties you’ve also taught me even though a few friends may have been misplaced, do not stress because reigniting long time friendships that never failed or even down to acquiring some new ones, can prevail.

It has been spoken that at thirty life truly begins – Eye am all ready to win, again & more

Mistakes may still come.. However the approach will definitely not be reciprocated.

 Standing stronger, wiser and ready for the universe.

….Head held high, always.

Here’s to the newest chapter in my autobiography. Thirty.





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