Current Space 


Eye am

An infinite Spiritual Energy 〰➰➿

Just Enjoying A Melaninated Human Experience.

Learned Lessons from Daily Teachings; 📜

Consciously Speaking, 🗣

Uprooted From the Struggles;

Eye am Humbled. ☝🏾

Stepping Out That Bubble ⚪️

My Glory is Leaving Something that #Resonates..

Got Nothing to Lose and EVERYTHING to Gain

🌌🌠🌌 Put it out In the Universe 🌌🌠🌌

Eye don’t want it for the fame.

Encrypted energies flowing down my Mane.

Let me tell you how WE won’t be Tamed‼️

Utilizing the Powers of The MIND cogitation is the Architect to REALITY.

Manifestations enacted, backed by Action

It’s almost like I’m fucking Rappin’.

Let me say that again 🗣

Manifestations backed by action.

The Keys are given. How you think we winnin’?


Image Courtesy Of:  S.Randolph (American Eclipse 2017

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