A little Light

In light of an article/post Eye have read – decided Eye wanted to share this (Gentrification and Ghost towns by: Emma Lindsay) Eye thought that it was very interesting to read from another’s perspective, which Eye appreciate, because this potentially opens up the path to conversation of understanding. While reading Eye felt compelled to translate the perspective of the individual from the opposite position.

PLEASE READ THE POST (Gentrification and Ghost towns by: Emma Lindsay) BEFORE READING THE RESPONSE… ENJOY.

Engagement is certain – the response is just a LITTLE piece of an even bigger puzzle – However it is important that we put this puzzle together if we really want to enact change.

The Response


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Paste Made

Great Rising all! This post is a dedication to health & wellness. Eye pride myself as being one whom reads ingredients of anything that Eye ingest, or put on my skin. Our body is a vessel and we are responsible in taking care of this vessel for long as possible! With that said, if you are reading this, Eye would advise you to begin reading the ingredients of food and/or health care products that you may be using..

By request Eye have decided to share a paste Eye use consistently to brush my teeth. Enjoy!

Below are step by step visuals of a toothpaste which Eye can make and use….

As a base take a scoop of (1 tbsp.) depending on how much paste Eye need to make, Coconut oil;  Coconut oil has plenty benefits – for oral care coconut oil prevents gum disease and tooth decay – in addition coconut oil is used for “oil pulling” which cleans the mouth of bacteria. Also helps with bad breath!

Next I add Turmeric;  ( 1 tsp) Turmeric is a spice that is powerful! It has been preventive in fighting cancer! – Benefits of turmeric use for your oral hygiene cosists of: reversing precancerous, changes in mouth, kills oral cancer cells, treats gingivitis (bad breath, bleeding & Inflamed gums)

One of the most important ingredients for this particular paste is peppermint oil; peppermint oil is an essential oil is antiseptic, helps treat pain and combating bad breath. (3-4 drops). Also provides bursts of freshness!

Final step is to mix all ingredients until fully combined.. once mixed move paste to the container in which it will be kept in. Being that coconut is the base, this causes may cause the paste to become *liquefied and/or solidified due to the temperature of the area which it is stored.

After initial creation cool it off in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes or so.

Routinely the paste is kept in the bathroom – which is room temperature.

The paste that is not for immediate use can be stored in a container, and placed in the refrigerator til ready for use.

My love for experimenting led me into gaining the ability to produce the everyday products! Using confidently Without containing the harmful chemicals that Eye either couldn’t pronounce and/or Had to research! Eye have been making and using my own paste for over a year now. Oral hygiene has improved, Eye am not only happy but satisfied. And there is no going back!!

Hopefully you have gained some knowledge through this post – If you want to experiment on your own and not necessarily use exact ingredient’s that Eye have provided – by all means go be an scientist – because that’s what I did!!

**Products used Certified Organic.

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© By Shaddai Randolph 2017

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