Lucidly Out Of Touch

“Communication is on of the most important keys to life”. – common statement

– If that’s the case, why is it so easy to lose touch with one another?

In no way am I saying that I’m the perfect candidate to hold a seminar on keeping in touch… But I made a vow to do better. Ironically this subject has been lingering awhile – finally had the fuel to jot it down.

The other day I spoke with an old friend, our conversation made me think about how and why us individuals lose touch so frequently,  almost as cold as ice.

My freshman year in college (Virginia State University) I met a guy who instantly became my good friend. We would literally talk or see one another every day! He was very easy to talk to, non-judgemental, understanding real down to earth type of guy. Many would inquire, but it was just that simple we were friends. I learned from him the Baltimore culture and in return I gave him insight to Virginia living, it was dope! Sorta like that feel of being friends for sometime prior. 

“If the friendship was just that great what happened”?

Unforseen circumstances is probably the best statement to soften the blow, second semester came around, but my friend did not return.

Shoot I figured we could still be friends and keep in touch no matter the distance…

Easier said than done..

I will say though social media makes it super easy for one to think that they are keeping up with a person by providing visual connection and partial written communication (comments, likes, etc.) which negates the interpersonal level of communication (face-to-face). Outside of social media – text messaging, email, or just picking up the phone to call will suffice, even a hang-out session – all exist. Needless to say these examples exemplify all forms of communication: written, nonverbal, interpersonal and oral.

Could it be we all just get caught up within our own lives we neglect, from time to time, our peers? I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of this occurrence..

On another hand some folks are going to fall in and out of contact.. its life.. you just have to learn to separate the temporaries from the permanents. Time is the only true revealer of that.

To those whom I may not have had any communication with for sometime; charge it to the game and not my heart!! 

I am going to do better, how about you?


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5 thoughts on “Lucidly Out Of Touch

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s always priorities – simply communication is different through different channels. Like with some people playing online games is great… but then you go to bar together and it’s no fun.

    That being said I completely agree on social media mostly being “illusion” of communication. Facebook nowadays is great illustration of that – it’s like millions of people shouting their own opinions either through posts or comments. Nobody is listening to others or trying to understand and support them.


  2. I too think about it sometimes, how could it be so easy to just stop communicating to the one you couldn’t even imagine to stop talking to for a second… but I guess it’s all about priorities… that changes!!

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