Far Gone

About a month ago..

I published my very first blog post

Where has time gone?

It’s been about 9 months since My Nephews have been AWOL

Where did time go?

Where could they be?

Uncontrollable occurrences results to consequences

Appear as though they are

Depths of sands

No longer knowing just where to stand.

For if I take a step to my left

I then would be playing hooky

From the path set before me, not quit envisioning the absents of two precious kings.

Forging ahead with this hand dealt.

I will never Astray!

I will never Awry!

Anticipation of your return

Sojourn’s in my conscience sleep

That deep.

I Love you for everyday that your away,

We will  meet again.



Image Courtesy Of: Assata Queen

via Gone


© By Shaddai Randolph 2017

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2 thoughts on “Far Gone

  1. ❤ I pray that M&M will be the beginning of a generation that embraces healing and love in ALL corners of our family. Our family can't survive the way it is now. With much gratitude, I ask all of our ancestors to GUIDE US! Teach us! Hold us up, up, up high- to the sky and beyond where love passes through the exosphere into the depth of the furthest galaxies! We need a message.


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