Conversation w. Self


A nickel for ya heart and pennies for ya thoughts… “No Change! This is not a ATM”! Is what I scream silently in order to keep composure.

Provoking qualities of a lovers dream only to come crashing down like the fight scene.

Real•ity can be determined upon thought. Vibrations triggering re•action,  hence self satisfaction.

Ride the waves of excitement all the way to shore

Collapsing only to immediately pick up self again…

Manifest gratitude, Life, and love this alone is enough to consider one wealthy

Self work…

All makes pain and sacrifice worthwhile.

Keep working on Self.


Image Courtesy Of: Google

© By Shaddai Randolph 2016

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4 thoughts on “Conversation w. Self

  1. This post is very similar to my post titled “Addictions.” I think we have a very similar thought process. Except yours is more terse and to the point. I appreciate that.

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